Prayer Ministry

Prayer is a vital part of everything we do here at FUMC DeLand. We have a prayer team that meets every Wednesday at 4:51pm in the Sanctuary to pray over all the joys and concerns brought up throughout the week. You are warmly invited to come pray with us and be a part of this ministry! Send us your prayer request and know that we will be praying for you.

Personal Prayer: We have provided a prayer that you can use each day to pray during your personal time with God. Use this prayer as a launching pad to pray each day that God will bless and lead our nation to a revival of heart and soul.

Family/Friend Prayer: Involve every part of your personal circle with this prayer. Encourage them to pray each day as well. CAUTION: Do NOT get into a battle of political leanings or debates. This is an effort for everyone to pray, regardless of political or personal opinions.

Congregational Prayer: Encourage your pastor and congregation to form a plan of their own to pray for our nation. The prayer can be used, a Bible Study about God's involvement in national affairs, or a possible sermon of encouragement to prayer. Below you will find a way your congregation can order their own cards to be used.

Community Prayer: Don't be afraid to encourage your community leaders to become involved in this effort. Many of the leaders in your community would embrace the effort for God's blessings on their work and their community. Share the prayer with your Commissioners, the Mayor, and your County officials.

Thank you for your support in our efforts to make a difference in our Nation. The First United Methodist Prayer Team has developed a way for you to become involved in our national effort to "Call to Prayer" God's army on behalf of our nation.  


Our church has used Express Printing of DeLand, FL

                                    865 West New York Ave.

                                    Deland, FL 32720


The set up has been done. You can call and order your own set in the quantities you desire.